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The 21st century is a time of unprecedented opportunities. We can be or do almost anything we want in terms of personal lives, career pursuits, or social impact. When our choices are limited only by our imagination, it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and lose focus of what’s important. The following tips will help you get organized for personal growth.

Try a brain dump. According to David Allen, author of the book and organization system “Getting Things Done,” clearing your mind of everything that holds your attention is the most fundamental step. For this first step, do an exercise called a “brain dump.” Take a piece of paper and spend about 30 minutes writing down everything you need or want to do. No matter how small or big the project is, whether it’s taking out the trash or learning how to fly a jet, put it on the list. The point of the exercise is to get everything out on paper and have nothing left preoccupying your mind.

Let go. Once you feel you have nothing else that you can add, go through the list and see which items you can let go. Which goals have been traveling from year to year without enabling you to make any progress? Maybe you’ve had ice-skating on your to-do list for the last 10 years but have never taken a single class, never found where such classes are offered in your area, or never determined how much lessons cost. If you’ve been procrastinating and dreading some goal for years, it’s time to let it go.

You will be surprised how much more energized you can feel after completing these two steps. Now you can direct your energy into the activities that actually excite you. Go through the items left on your list and put them into your calendar.

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