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Have you been struggling with your personal budget? Whether you’re hoping to save money for a down payment on a home purchase, pay off bills, or simply have a little more money left over for when the next payday rolls around, the following budgeting apps can help.

Mint: Intuit’s free Mint app is a powerful tool that’s essentially an all-in-one resource for tracking your spending, creating a budget, and identifying problem habits. Mint has already existed for a few years and easily integrates with QuickBooks and TurboTax, which makes Mint the leading financial app available.

PocketGuard: If your problem is overspending, PocketGuard can help. This app categorizes and organizes your monthly bills, expenses, and subscriptions into easy-to-read graphs and tabs. Using PocketGuard can take the guesswork out of your finances.

Wally: Wally is another great app that helps you understand where your money goes. Use the app to balance income and expenses and set financial goals. One of the app’s features allows you to take photos of your receipts instead of manually entering information. Stay organized with less effort.

Goodbudget: Keeping track of personal spending is difficult when all members of the household are involved. Here’s where Goodbudget comes in. A great option for couples, Goodbudget allows you to share and sync budgets so that you won’t have any surprises. The app allows you to budget items by category into “envelopes,” and it gives you up to 10 envelopes for free.

Simple: If you find yourself wondering how much money is safe to spend on a splurge purchase, having the Simple app will ensure that you make a smart decision. Simple connects with your bank account and offers useful features that allow you to view and manage your money, automatically track spending, and set goals to motivate savings.

No matter which budgeting app you choose, the key is to use a budgeting app consistently and develop better financial habits.

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