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Taking time to reflect on family history isn’t just a way to keep heritage from being lost, it’s a great way to develop relationships with family still living. Celebrate your heritage and inspire the next generations with these activities.

Solve family mysteries by having kids interview older family members. Piece together clues from every interview. Perhaps one family member can’t recall the name of great-grandpa’s storefront, but someone else does. Guide kids through the sleuthing, but let them reach out with emails, phone calls or Skype sessions.

Family cooking class. Pass down holiday baking traditions or favorite meals by collaborating together in the kitchen to whip up family recipes. Compile a list of favorites and duplicate a family cookbook or recipe box to share.

Build a website using a website builder like WordPress, Wix or Weebly. Scan and upload old documents like artwork, letters and licenses. Include photos and written stories, video interviews and more. Share the website address with family members and encourage them to add to the content.

Take a trip to the places your family has come from. Tell stories about the old camping ground, family farmhouse or battlefield that played an important role in family history.

Preserve scrapbooks, journals and digital recordings that capture daily life as well as the once-in-a-lifetime trips and celebrations. Selecting the images, stories and memorabilia to include can be turned into a fun afternoon together, too.

Sharing family history is one of the most enjoyable ways to develop connections between generations.

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