Document Upload Tips

Scanning isn’t the only way to acquire images of your documents. When taking pictures of documents, a number of factors should be kept in mind to make the photo better suited for recognition.

AHL suggests using the Microsoft OfficeLens or CamScanner apps instead of just the camera on your device. Both are free downloads, user friendly, and available on all major mobile platforms. These apps create higher quality images when compared to the camera only. The higher quality images enable AHL to process and review the documents more quickly and accurately.



• Lighting greatly affects the quality of the resulting photo.

• Best results can be achieved with bright and evenly distributed light.

• Using a flash and additional lighting sources works well for non-glossy paper.

• When using indoor lighting, use two light sources to avoid shadows or glare.

• If there is enough light, turn the flash off to prevent sharp highlights and shadows.

Important! The flash must not be used to take pictures of documents printed on glossy paper.


Taking Photos

To obtain good quality photos of documents, be sure to position the camera correctly and follow these simple recommendations.

• The lens should be positioned parallel to the page. The distance between the camera and the document should be selected so that the entire page fits within the frame.

• Even out and unfold the paper document or book pages so they are as flat as possible. The text lines should not be skewed, otherwise the text may not be converted properly.

• To get sharper images, focus on the center of the image.


How to Improve an Image if:

• The image is too dark or its contrast is too low.

• Solution: Try to improve the lighting. If that is not an option, try different settings within your capture app.

• The image is not sharp enough.

• Solution: Autofocus may not work properly in poor lighting or when taking pictures from a close distance. Try using brighter lighting. If that is not an option, try different settings within your capture app.