Home Style


The Home Style is a “conventional” mortgage and works much like the 203-K program. In addition to owner-occupied 1-4 unit homes and condos, this loan also allows for one-unit investment properties and vacation homes. The Home Style would be your choice for certain luxury items that are not allowed on the 203-K program such as a built in swimming pool, tennis court, fire pit or a boat dock.

Renovation Mortgages are specialized programs with numerous details and guidelines. The key to a smooth transaction is working with mortgage professionals who have much experience originating this type of loan. Atlantic Home Loans provides a Renovation Concierge Department to ensure attention to all the details. For the same reasons you wouldn’t want your dentist to perform your open-heart surgery just because they have a medical degree, you shouldn’t trust just any mortgage lender with your Renovation Mortgage. Rest assured that when choosing Atlantic Home Loans you have placed your loan is in the hands of true Renovation Mortgage professionals.

So when you find yourself saying “I love this house, except for…” remember a Renovation Mortgage can be

The perfect mortgage for the almost perfect house.