New Year, New Home? 3 Steps to Land your Dream Home This Year – Atlantic Home Loans

The holiday decorations are put away, the parties and visits have slowed. Life has gone back to some semblance of “normal’. With a slow down in events and holiday festivities, homeowners can now turn their attention to the new home or property they’ve been considering. We’re going to walk through three steps every potential home seller/buyer need to take at the outset of that process.

Step 1: Connect with a Local Real Estate/Mortgage Partner
Ok, this seems sort of like a no brainer, right? But in this day of self-education thanks to the plethora of information on the web, there has been a recent trend of home buyers entering the fray on their own, or home sellers taking the FSBO, for sale by owner, route. The concern with not partnering with a local expert is the blind spots you would have about your local market, buying and selling timelines, home prices and related selling/buying fees, not to mention local mortgage rates and ways you can reduce yours.
Take step one and get a local real estate and mortgage partner to guide you thru these potential hurdles.

Step 2: Do a Financial Spot Check
No matter how long you’ve owned your home or how careful you’ve been with your credit use, anomalies can always happen to your credit report. Take the time to review all the accounts open in your list to ensure you’re not showing credit history for accounts that should be closed or not your own.
If you find inaccurate information on your report, reach out to the related creditor and get it dealt with before you enter the real estate market. Presenting your best credit ensures a smoother loan process and the best options for your next home.

Step 3: Make your Home Needs and Wants List
Anyone buying a home has some idea of what they are looking for in their next space, but not every property will offer all your criteria. The best way to target the properties that best fit your vision is to create a list of the criteria your NEED to have in your next home, those things you cannot do without like number of bathrooms and bedrooms or a basement/garage and those that you WANT to have, like ceiling height, upgrades to trim and appliances or room sizes.
Be honest with yourself when developing the list and share it with your partner or family to be sure you next space feels like home the day you move in.
Good luck getting started with your home sale/search this year!

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