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Keeping kids entertained and educated through the summer months can be a challenge. We’ll help you face that challenge with the six awesome activities listed below:

Exploring world cultures is your family’s passport to fun and mind-broadening adventure. The good news is you don’t have to travel across the globe to learn about the people who live in it. Visit the library for resources on making indigenous crafts and drawings or authentic recipes. Plan the journey on a world map or globe and make a blank passport booklet that can be “stamped” with the places your children learn about.

Host a free book swap for your neighborhood where kids can, “Take a book. Leave a book.” Have your kids draw up a flyer to advertise the exchange and let friends and neighbors know. When the day comes, stock a table with books your children no longer read, so visitors have a nice selection to choose from. You can also donate any books that are left.

Painting a picture is a great way to let imaginations be free to do what they do best. Consider making a big statement with a large-scale fine art painting project using a roll of butcher paper and some water-based paint.

Learn American Sign Language with the many free online resources available for kids, including flashcards, games and tutorials. Like any other language, learning to sign encourages creative thinking and language development skills kids will use their whole lives.

Go bowling for free at participating bowling alleys. Kids can bowl up to two free games each day of the program throughout the summer. If your local bowling alley isn’t listed on the Kids Bowl Free website, encourage the alley to sign up to bring in more business.

Take a virtual fieldtrip from the comfort of your living room. Discovery Education offers trips arranged by subject, theme and grade level. Many museums, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Boston Children’s Museum, also have virtual tours available online.

Here’s to unforgettable summer fun!

Source: The Spruce

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