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No matter where you’re headed or how you get there, stress is often a part of travel. But vacation plans take on a new level of complexity when traveling with children. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to eliminate some of the hassle and make the trip more enjoyable for the whole family.Leave as early in the day as possible. Aside from sidestepping traffic, you can cover a lot of miles on the ground or in the air first thing in the morning when kids will be more into sleeping than stressing.Dress in layers and avoid laces. Temperatures can change quickly as you travel, so being able to remove layers quickly or slip shoes on and off simplifies everything from security screenings to bathroom visits.

Pull-ups can save your seat. Even if your child is past the potty-training stage, you may encounter a long bathroom line or be too far from a rest stop for a child to wait. One diaper per hour of travel is usually recommended.

Pack some fun. Digital devices are a perfect alternative to bringing multiple books or games, and will save space in the suitcase. Download e-books and awesome apps in advance. Bring a headphone splitter to share audio and don’t forget the charger! Road warriors should be prepared with plenty of entertaining car games. Consider wrapping a new interactive gift like a coloring book, with promises of a prize for good behavior en route.

Prevent travel sickness by feeding kids bland, non-greasy meals and snacks, like pretzels, crackers, nuts, string cheese and granola bars. Limit screen and reading time, and seat them next to a window. For driving: open a window or two to circulate fresh air. For flying: place them in a window seat, turn on overhead air vents and encourage deep breathing.

Whether you’re flying or driving to your next vacation destination, these tips can make it a smoother trip the whole family will enjoy.

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