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As spring peeks through after the long winter, you may be thinking about starting a garden. A well-planned garden can be beautiful to look at and great for the local ecosystem. Here are some tips that will help put beginner gardeners on the right track!

  • Plant local. While you may be drawn to exotic plants with beautiful petals, you will have more luck if you invest in native plants that thrive in your environment. These plants will likely require less care because they are used to the soil, water, and weather conditions of your region.
  • Start with a small garden. Gardens need daily care, and you will likely spend about 20 minutes a day checking on your plants, watering them, and weeding. Don’t turn your whole backyard into a garden if this is your first time planting. Start with a few different plants and learn to care for them before you expand.
  • Look for bee and butterfly-friendly plants. Bees are essential to a healthy ecosystem, and the right flowers can bring butterflies into your backyard. Do your research to see which plants will attract insects and learn how you can grow them. With the right plants, you might also attract hummingbirds to your garden.
  • Involve the whole family. It is easier to keep up a garden if you have support. Rally your family to help water and weed, and show them the flowers that bloom under your care. Everyone will be invested in the success of your plants.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. With these steps, your whole family will have green thumbs.

Source: The Prairie Homestead

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